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Things to do in Andros Greece

Andros is a beautiful island, which combines natural beauty with amazing places for sightseeing and a great variety of activities.

During your exploration on Andros island, you’ll have the chance to discover many interesting places!


things to do in andros casa di fiori suites panagia thalassini church


Paleopolis Ancient Town, Paleopolis

The ancient town of Paleopolis, which was built in 6th-7th century B.C., used to be the glorious capital of Andros in ancient times. Archaeological findings show that this town once had a marketplace, temples, and houses.


Archaeological Museum of Andros, Chora

Founded in 1981, the Archaeological Museum of Andros is located in Kairi square, in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art. The museum hosts various exhibits dating from the Neolithic age to the Byzantine times discovered through excavations made in the island.


Andros Open Theater, Chora

Andros Open Theater is a stone made outdoor theater in Andros Chora with a capacity of 900 (!) people. Andros Festival, the creative director of which is the renown Greek director Pantelis Voulgaris, takes place in Andros Open Theater every summer, hosting many cultural events!


Cyclades Olive Museum, Pitrofos

Housed in a traditional stone-made building that dates before 1857, Cyclades Olive Museum is a sight on its own! In this museum, you’ll have the chance to familiarize yourself with traditional olive processing practices and get to know the local olive culture.


Pithara waterfalls, Apikia

A verdant path in Apikia leads to the magical Pithara waterfalls, or “fairyland”, as they have been characterized by the folk tradition. The lush green landscape and the flowing waters create an ecosystem, inside which many plants thrive, creating a magical landscape!


Kidonieos Foundation, Chora

Kidonieos Foundation is basically a cultural center in Andros, promoting arts, music, dance, theater, and literature. Apart from the many cultural events organized at Kidonieos Foundation, there are many free classes, such as pottery, musical instruments, and Byzantine music all year round!


Museum of Contemporary art, Chora

Established in 1979, the Museum of Contemporary Art displays modern creations of renown Greek and international artists. The museum also hosts many international art exhibitions and has displayed the works of artists such as Picasso, Matisse, Kandinsky and many others.


things to do in andros casa di fiori suites goulandris museum of modern art


Kairios Library, Chora

Kairios Library is named after the Greek intellectual Theofilos Kairis and is housed into a beautiful neoclassical building in the heart of Chora Andros. Apart from the almost 3,000 books of Theofilos Kairis’ personal collection, this library also hosts 85,000 other books. What’s more, many cultural and music events take place in Kairios Library during the summer!


things to do in andros casa di fiori suites nautical museum


Nautical Museum, Chora

Housed in a beautiful neoclassical building in Chora, Nautical Museum has an amazing view of the Aegean sea! This museum was established in 1972 and displays many maritime related items, such as vessel models, shipping documents, nautical diaries and many more.


Activities in Andros


Hiking in Andros

Thanks to its many hiking trails, Andros Island is a hiking paradise! The island’s hiking trail network is about 300 km long, while about 150 km are accessible. Hiking is an ideal way to discover forests, waterfalls, lakes, valleys, watermills, windmills, stone made bridges and many more secrets of the natural paradise of Andros Greece!


andros island casa di fiori suites chora landscape


Cultural festivals and religious feasts

Andros is an island with rich culture, so it’s not a surprise that many cultural festivals and religious feasts are organized every year! Try planning your trip around Gavriotika Festival, at the beginning of the summer, Korthiana Festival, in August, Andros Festival and Ploes Festival. The experience of a local festival is priceless!

As for religious feasts, there is the feast of Virgin Mary in 15th of August, the feast of “Panagia Theoskepasti”, two weeks before Easter, the feast of “Zoodochos Pigi”, on the Friday after the Easter Sunday and the feast of Saint Marina on July 17th. Joining the celebrations of a religious feast is the best way to feel like a local!


andros island casa di fiori suites chora


Local delicacies of Andros

Like the rest of the Cycladic islands, Andros Greece has many culinary pleasures to offer! Lemons, oranges, figs, pomegranates, almonds, onions and zucchinis are produced locally and are used in traditional recipes.

You shouldn’t leave the island without tasting some of the best local delicacies!

Fourtalia: Omelette with potatoes, sausages and spearmint.
Pasteli: A local sweet made of almonds, honey, rusk and walnuts.
Lambriatis: Lamb or kid, stuffed with lights, rice, onions, eggs and cheese.
Pastitsakia: Almond cookies.

The food in Andros will exceed your expectations!

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Andros Access

Coming to Andros island is pretty easy! Ferries from Athens to Andros depart daily. Taking a ferry from Rafina will get you to Andros island Greece in just 2 hours!

Andros Beaches

Andros Island has a 176 km long coastline, so it’s not a surprise that there are so many beautiful beaches to explore. Peebly, sandy, cosmopolitan, isolated and organized, each of the 31 beaches of the island is unique.

Andros Island

Andros Island is an insanely beautiful island, which belongs to the Cyclades islands complex. It’s the second largest and northernmost Cycladic island. What’s more, it is very easily accessible, as it is just 2 hours away from Athens!

Chora Andros

Located on a little peninsula on the eastern side of the island, Chora is the capital of Andros. Nestled between two beautiful sandy Andros beaches, Nimborio and Paraporti, it boasts a unique landscape!